80W Solar Kit


The Go Power Solar Kit is made specifically to charge 12-volt batteries using the power of the sun. It folds up like a briefcase and can be stored in your trunk or backseat. The solar generator also has a built-in controller that prevents your battery from overcharging. The panels can store up to 80 watts and will run all day in the sun while the battery charges. This is one of the best solar power kits for keeping the batteries charged on your RV during a long camping trip.

The portable solar power system ( for example: SUNJACK 14W PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER ) is smartly designed and takes only a few minutes to set up. It starts out folded in a carrying case and you simply need to unclamp the top and set up the legs. Power is stored through a solar controller and is sent through battery clamps to your RV or car. The entire unit weighs just under 20 pounds, so it’s made for quick transport, more than a long trek. The solar power system is about 20 inches folded up and 40 inches unfolded.

You should be aware that this offers a lot of power and isn’t primarily made for small devices like phones or laptops. That doesn’t mean you aren’t able to use it for smaller items, however. You can clip a 12-volt plug to the battery clamps, similar to the power outlets you find in cars. With that, you can use an adaptor for a USB or wall socket connection.

The Go Power folding solar kit comes with a standard 15-foot cord, which might be short depending on where your RV or boat is parked. If the battery is left in the RV, simply getting the cord to the ground will take up about 4 feet. You may want to consider getting some sort of extension cord if you prefer to have the solar panel set up in the most direct sunlight.

This is a great portable kit for outdoor enthusiasts or those who are on a long-distance RV trip. It should save you in gas and is more cost effective than using a generator. While it can charge smaller devices, that’s not its main purpose. Your best option would be using it to charge the RV batteries and charging the smaller items with adaptors inside the vehicle.


Garmin Virb Ultra 30


The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 will record ultra-high-definition video, with a maximum 4k/30fps, although you can drop to 1080p or lower for more memory capacity and battery life. It also includes image stabilisation (although not at 4k resolution) for less blur when you are out riding.

The standout feature of the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is its voice control. This means that you just have to give voice commands to start and stop recording, take a still photo or highlight a video clip.In practice I found that this worked OK when stationary and in quiet environments but not so well when moving, probably because wind and traffic noise stopped the camera from picking up commands accurately. You get buttons on the phone and on its case to let you control it manually too, though, and you can buy a separate remote control.
At the rear, there’s a 44.5mm colour touchscreen which lets you control other features. It’s small but bright enough that you can see what you’re shooting, play back recorded footage and use it to select menu options for camera set-up. The recorded footage is very crisp when downloaded to a computer or tablet.

Garmin builds in a GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and compass so you can generate a ton of stats from the camera itself. It also has ANT+, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity so you can garner other data like heart rate and power by coupling external sensors.

Its connectivity also means that you can control and configure the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 using other Garmin devices or the mobile app. There’s the option to live stream footage from the camera by pairing it to your smartphone. The app also lets you make quick edits, share footage and overlay video with the stats you’ve captured, although you’ll need something more robust for more polished output.

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 comes with a waterproof casing which will keep out water to 40 metres depth. To achieve this it’s slightly fiddly to open, so when you want to charge the unit or retrieve the SD card you need a bit of dexterity. But you can use the touchscreen to control the unit pretty effectively through the case.

Battery life is not the camera’s forte though, with less than a couple of hours at 1080p/30 and only just an hour at 4k/30, so you need to be judicious in deciding when to start and stop shooting: start it up on 4k when you leave home and you might just about have got out of the suburbs before the battery gives up.

In common with other Garmin devices, charging uses a Mini USB cable rather than the more common Micro USB, so you need to carry the cable with you to make sure you can recharge when away from home.


Sentry 300 Operators


The Sentry 300 series automatic gate opener (like MIGHTY MULE FM200 )is the first high quality commercial grade Do it Yourself gate opener. Made in the USA and powered by a 12 vdc battery which is charged by the included AC transformer or optional solar panel kit. USAutomatic recommends the solar option for charging this allows for remote installations and qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit. The Sentry energy efficient design makes it the first truly solar charged gate opener that can provide weeks of operation with no sun. The Sentry Plug N Go wiring harness eliminates the need for wiring and makes installation simple and quick typically under 1 hour. Universal mounting brackets that allow for push to open or pull to open installation easily bolt on to most existing gates. The linear actuator provides 400 lbs of thrust and has a compression rating of 1000 lbs. Open or close time is typically 16 seconds and will not dramatically vary with gate weight. The Sentry is designed to be installed on farm gates up to 20 feet in length, ornamental iron gates up to 12 feet in length and chain link up to 14 feet in length. A full line of solar friendly accessories are available to allow you to customize your automated gate system to your needs. The Sentry 300 is covered by a 3 year limited warranty that repairs or replaces defective product and an additional 7 year extended limited warranty that has minimal charges for the affected component.

Scientists propose method to improve microgrid stability and reliability


The power it takes to bring a Boeing 747 from a resting state on the airport tarmac to speeding across the sky is enormous. The jet can continue in its active state for as long as its fuel lasts. A Frisbee, in contrast, takes far less energy to go airborne, but with no energy supply, it falls almost immediately.

The same principle can be extended to the traditional power system (for example: GOAL ZERO NOMAD 100 )and decentralized microgrids. The power grid has a large reserve of energy to continue in an active state, while a microgrid quickly spends its reserve.

The microgrid’s renewable reserve, however, makes the microgrid system an attractive power prospect worth pursuing, and a collaborative team of researchers have proposed a way to better control the easily spent microgrids. They published the potential solution in IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (JAS), a joint publication of the IEEE and the Chinese Association of Automation.

“The microgrid concept is a big step towards solving the controllability problems of distributed resources,” wrote Won-Sang Im, a postdoctoral researcher at Lehigh University,. “…For a microgrid to work autonomously, it must maintain its own supply-demand balance.”

If the supply rate is too low, the microgrid will fall short of demand as the system’s inertia depletes. This becomes all the more complicated with microgrids powered by renewable energy resources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. Storage systems are costly, but sunshine and wind strength are largely unreliable for consistent use.

The solution, Im and his team wrote, lies in a computer-based algorithm that can mirror the microgrid’s inertia as needed by alternating the system’s direct current over specific ranges. The researchers also noted that the microgrid’s photovoltaic system can also be adjusted to boost or lower the current’s inertia influence.

“In traditional power systems, supply-demand imbalance changes system frequency at a rate determined by the total system inertia,” Im wrote. The idea works with the microgrid, just in multiple. “The solution tries to make [the] microgrid work like a large power grid with large inertia.”

The solution does work as intended, according to simulations performed by the scientists. However, Im and his team wrote that the larger inertia limits the flexibility and fast response times. Their future work will focus on making microgrid controllers that are quicker and more accurate.

Electric Gate


Electric Gate History

The first commercial electric gate systems (for example: MIGHTY MULE MM260 )were hydraulic and designed for reliability and ease of use. The cost of the hydraulic systems however meant that other companies started producing more affordable electromechanical alternatives. Hydraulic motors are the preferred choice on large and heavy gates as they can generate high levels of torque, electromechanical systems designed for lower usage domestic installations because they can be produced more cost effectively. A number of larger manufacturers now produce both hydraulic and electromechanical systems providing unbiased choice for customers.

The Electric Gate Motor

The backbone of any electric gate, whether automatic or not, is the electric gate motor, two distinct motor types exist hydraulic, or electromechanical. This is the electric device which actually enables the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate. All types of electric gates and barriers make use of a motor of some kind. There are many different kinds of electric gate motors offered by a number of automation companies most located in Italie .

Electric Gate Safety

The safety of an automated gate is an important consideration, in the European Union, automated gate safety is specified by a series of European Normalisations. An automated gate that has not been fitted with safety in mind can potentially become a major hazard particularly to untrained users. Various safety devices are available to make sure that your gates meet the highest of European or American safety standards.

Cape San Blas is a perfect summer destination!

cape san blas fl

If you wish to consume rich meals, remain in luxurious hotels, and plug into all of your digital devices daily, San Blas Countries possibly aren’t for you personally. If, however, you wish to relax, decompress, and revel in the planetis most magnificent elegance, you then should guide your holiday today at Cape San Blas hotels. San Blas provides guests spectacular sights and thoughtful people, a genuine heaven.

You will find 379 destinations within the San Blas chain, only 49 which are inhabited. If you have ever imagined being “stuck” on the deserted area, you’ve your chance. The inhabited countries are peopled by Kuna Indians, who have been pushed from mainland Panama by Spanish invaders. Nowadays, the Kunas live similar to they did in decades past, talking mainly Cape San Blas rental houses. Newer San Blas Kunas also talk Spanish and therefore are informed at colleges. There’s a wealthy and lively tradition below that recognizes its customs, while creating space for improvement.

The Kunas are extremely pleasant to visitors and guests alike; it’s a satisfaction to go to and also to experience as if you’re pleasant while you discover the different destinations and shores. There’s lots of sunbathing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and relaxing to complete. Discover the crazy jungle and also the nice towns using their thatch-roofed homes. Everything is performed at your personal speed; if holiday means discretion, then this really is your number 1 location for rest.

Probably the most impressive feature of the Cape San Blas beach rentals may be the very stylish simplicity at Cape San Blas Rentals. The meals is clean: shrimp, crab, and seafood captured in the ocean that evening, and maybe some fundamental greens – tomatoes, peas, onions, apples, and yucca – privately. The hotels distinctive: fundamental, traditional resorts with stay-designed huts much like those of the residents. You might have energy for some hours each day, but following the machines are turn off, you’ll have just sun light to rely on. The resorts often contain numerous dinner deals and several will require one to beautiful places for surfing, swimming, and sunning on incredibly perfect beaches and sandbars at Cape San Blas vacation rental homes.

There’s nothing to disturb you in the amazing stunning water, the gentle comfortable mud, and also the rich swaying palm trees; there’s nothing to preserve you from experiencing the Panama sunlight or even the food of the pleasant San Blas Islands Kuna people. The San Blas Countries may endear themselves for you instantly and permanently upon appearance using its amazing, and inviting elegance.

What about those beautiful Cape San Blas Islands?

hotels in cape san blas fl

The San Blas Islands is really a group of destinations that are situated just off the shoreline of Panama in Caribbean area. The initial Kuna Yala group with this area comes with an independent power of these destinations plus a department of the mainland.

Only a little about San Blas Islands:-

The neighborhood people, the Kuna Yala, are amazing illustrations about a individuals who proceed to flourish in addition to exercise age old customs and traditions which are surrounded by present day contemporary world. The hotels in Cape San Blas FL Countries are future and pleasant towards the visitors. Despite the fact that the San Blas Countries is their inherited house, it’s usually feasible that you simply uncover them promoting the items within the Panama City.

With this area the electrical power is very restricted, consequently it’s not exemplary for that houses and also the resorts for running machines for simply a few hours on every day. Subsequent dim evening, the moon combined with the celebrities provides the only lighting in pet friendly beaches in Florida.

San Blas Islands Items To view:

The San Blas Islands proffers an enormous variety of tourist places, which begins using the wonderful people, far fetched seascapes, multicolored reefs and also the spectacular destinations, towards the abundant sea-life within the hot seas combined with the wildlife on that’s been observed about the mainland. Additionally, you will find lasting celebrations and events that occur as of this town, that the guests may see to get a fast search of the native tradition. Many Kuna towns proffer guests with numerous possibilities intended for varied glimpses in the every single day lifestyles of the neighborhood Kuna Yala in Florida dog friendly beaches.

San Blas Islands things you can do:

Supply that you simply choose for surfing; you’ll discover an excellent variety of the vibrant exotic fish inside the warm shallow seas. Furthermore, this really is in no way the situation meant for the various primary towns, that have proven their washrooms where the water matches up using the property, for instance Carti, below the vessel transport is needed often.

A number of the small destinations using the spectacular shorexs have a minimum of one participant in the Kuna Yala group with this area that’s accountable for gathering $1 for every individual to make utilization of of the area for swimming and sometimes even tanning at Cape San Blas Vacation home rentals. Remember to transport some little change together with you in addition to prepare yourself to stay the middle of nothing.

San Blas Islands Shopping:

The indigenous folks of this use extremely multicolored conventional apparel in addition to produce and deal the handmade jewelry and also the molas, that are creatively sewn pieces along side posts of the multilayered fabric, which may be excessively complex and need months to make at pet friendly beaches Florida. Additionally, they combine the mola art in to the numerous custom apparel, the tops along with some other innovative posts which may be easily bought.

San Blas Islands Food:

Kuna’s resorts and accommodations usually contain foods whilst the area of the regular stay. Foods usually contain locally caught crab, seafood, and seafood. Provided greens are usually the fundamentals, peas, tomatoes, yucca, apples, and onions. Don’t anticipate a comprehensive variety of meals Cape San Blas Florida rentals because the kuna diet is very fundamental in addition to contact with the different american-type meals is acutely limited.

Natural supplements will improve your health

Green Vitamin

Natural Products Market Better Health

Using all the fresh medical modifications which are happening to-day, it ought to be of small shock that natural supplements-are a large area of the wellness revolution. There are lots of items that might be regarded products to-day several have been in the shape of supplements while some are chemicals to meals or consume. Whichever it’s that you’re choosing when it comes to products, you’ll be pleased with the end result because it is about wellness. There are lots of locations as you are able to look for a complement that work with your requirements, you’ll merely have to know what you would like initial.

Natural supplements-are something which comes from meals or organic world components. They are able to include a variety of qualities inside them which may include Metal, Zinc and on occasion even green Vitamin – A-Z. They may be in tablet or tablet form for simple ingesting, or they may be additional having a dropper if they’re in fluid type.

Advantageous Health Qualities

You’ll discover that several brief months after getting natural products that you’re sensation throughout greater health-wise. You might find that you simply have significantly more power or that you’re breathing easier. This may be related to the truth that everything within the products is something which could be valued by the body. The body constantly requirements gas to work it is sometimes not necessarily feasible to supply this gas because of living conditions.

Supplements-are made to protect these intervals wherever perhaps you are without particular vitamins or supplements during the day. Whenever you begin a regimen of the products, it might consider the body a couple of days to obtain utilize fully period accessories that you’re today providing it. Which means that you may sense a little nervous or discover that it’s difficult to rest for some times until the body begins to stay about the new regimen. This can rapidly move and provide method to a lifestyle that’s better quality and well-rounded.

Where You Can Look For Products

If you should be searching for natural products you’re likely to have to know where you can search for these. As it pertains to these kinds of wellness chemicals, you’d be greatest offered to check out natural health shops. These shops market a lot of items which are associated with health insurance and this may be where to begin. You will find supplements and natural chemicals that may be available at these shops are of the greatest quality and certainly will provide you with a excellent wellness increase. These supplements-are likely to assist you to form your healthier lifestyle plus they are not likely to set you back a good deal of cash to do this.

Natural supplements-are likely to be among the easiest however best methods for presenting fresh healthier options into your lifetime. You’ll begin to sense excellent which is something which you’ll be pleased that you simply required on. The advantages are numerous and also the disadvantages are now actually a little area of the couple of days to obtain utilize towards the products.

Pulsar Smartwatch Concept Shows What Android Wear Could Be Capable Of

With the Motorola Moto 360 at the horizon, the only thing for us to do is to speculate on the awesome features Android Wear might bring to the tablet.

Obviously, we know the watch will be capable of handling notifications and be packed with lots of Google Now goodies, but apart from that we don’t really know anything.

Now a new smartwatch concept, called the Pulsar, gives as a hint into what Android Wear / Moto 360 might add to wearables. The images show used Pulsar watch capable of doing lots of things, including relaying notifications from social media, displaying weather news and health information, directing phone calls, giving directions and playing the music.

Moreover, the watch can be used to actually pay after finishing a meal at the restaurant. By the looks of it, the Pulsar watch could be a handy trip companion you’d want to have in case you get lost in one of the intricate neighborhoods in Berlin.

The Pulsar also has a “groundbreaking system that allows your watch to recognize you based on your unique cardiac rhythm.” That sounds reminiscent of another wearable I told you about, the Nymi authentication wristband, which uses your unique electrocardiogram ECG signals in order to verify you are its user.

10 Ways You Should Invest Your Company’s First Profits


You may have heard of the tradition of saving your first dollar from your first sale. Mom and pop stores have them framed near cash registers or tucked lovingly into office drawers. It serves as a symbol for the toil and joy of building a business.

So you’ve earned your first dollar(s), and now you’re wondering what to do with them. Here are some of the best ways to invest and reinvest your company’s first profits.

1. Business improvement

Most startups spend their initial profits in reinvesting, and your company should be no exception. The key to reinvesting is to have a sound strategy, not to necessarily devote a certain percentage of your profits. Your reinvestment efforts should be in line with your current strategic plan.

Most business owners choose to reinvest their profits in business improvements – for example, infrastructure, equipment, streamlining business processes, or finding ways to improve the customer experience. These are all valuable strategies because they can increase your profits in the long run, allowing you to expand business operations.

2. Marketing

Digital marketing is always a smart investment of profit, when it’s done well. Many of the startups I’ve seen over the years wait several months before they do any real investment into marketing. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t know where to start. You can’t lose by investing in performance metrics. Always keep track of your campaigns and adjust them accordingly. If you have little experience with marketing, consider outsourcing to an agency.

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