Sentry 300 Operators


The Sentry 300 series automatic gate opener (like MIGHTY MULE FM200 )is the first high quality commercial grade Do it Yourself gate opener. Made in the USA and powered by a 12 vdc battery which is charged by the included AC transformer or optional solar panel kit. USAutomatic recommends the solar option for charging this allows for remote installations and qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit. The Sentry energy efficient design makes it the first truly solar charged gate opener that can provide weeks of operation with no sun. The Sentry Plug N Go wiring harness eliminates the need for wiring and makes installation simple and quick typically under 1 hour. Universal mounting brackets that allow for push to open or pull to open installation easily bolt on to most existing gates. The linear actuator provides 400 lbs of thrust and has a compression rating of 1000 lbs. Open or close time is typically 16 seconds and will not dramatically vary with gate weight. The Sentry is designed to be installed on farm gates up to 20 feet in length, ornamental iron gates up to 12 feet in length and chain link up to 14 feet in length. A full line of solar friendly accessories are available to allow you to customize your automated gate system to your needs. The Sentry 300 is covered by a 3 year limited warranty that repairs or replaces defective product and an additional 7 year extended limited warranty that has minimal charges for the affected component.

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