Pulsar Smartwatch Concept Shows What Android Wear Could Be Capable Of

With the Motorola Moto 360 at the horizon, the only thing for us to do is to speculate on the awesome features Android Wear might bring to the tablet.

Obviously, we know the watch will be capable of handling notifications and be packed with lots of Google Now goodies, but apart from that we don’t really know anything.

Now a new smartwatch concept, called the Pulsar, gives as a hint into what Android Wear / Moto 360 might add to wearables. The images show used Pulsar watch capable of doing lots of things, including relaying notifications from social media, displaying weather news and health information, directing phone calls, giving directions and playing the music.

Moreover, the watch can be used to actually pay after finishing a meal at the restaurant. By the looks of it, the Pulsar watch could be a handy trip companion you’d want to have in case you get lost in one of the intricate neighborhoods in Berlin.

The Pulsar also has a “groundbreaking system that allows your watch to recognize you based on your unique cardiac rhythm.” That sounds reminiscent of another wearable I told you about, the Nymi authentication wristband, which uses your unique electrocardiogram ECG signals in order to verify you are its user.


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